Clients currently registered for renewal and issued with their unique login

Renewals will continue for Agrichemicals Approved Handler Certificate and Supplier Agrichemicals Approved Handler Certificates until 31 December 2016 for those individuals who have already registered and have a unique login.

To renew your Certificate, click below:

Start Renewal

Your unique logon will give you access to our instructional resources.  These resources will provide you with information about relevant changes to the legislation since your previous certificate was issued.

After you have reviewed the resources there will be a short 10-question multi-choice assessment which you can complete and submit online.

Your unique logon details allow you to have three attempts at the assessment over 28 days.

Once you have submitted your successfully passed assessment online, we will collate the information required and submit it to the Test Certifier. The Farmsafe Test Certifier will audit all information, and if satisfied that your application meets the requirements of the HSNO legislation will issue you with a new Agrichemical Approved Handler Certificate.

Clients without a unique login

All enquiries should be referred to Colin Spence (Agrichemical Consultancy and Certification Limited) who is an Approved Handling Certifier. For renewal of your Agrichemical Approved Handler certificate please refer to the Agrichemical Consultancy and Certification Ltd website: or ring 0800 555 905 for further information on the renewal process.